My name's Mateusz Dymczyk and I'm a Pole living and working as a software/data engineer in Tokyo. Huge ramen and technology fan. This blog will most probably contain a mix of both.

I usually work with JVM related technologies (mainly using Java and Scala) on distributed computing and machine learning problems. It's not that I hate front end, it's the front end that hates me.

The blog: is created using jekyll, hosted on github and edited using

The logo: it's simply one the Japanese kanji meaning strange/wisdom. If you know me personally then you probably know that the first meaning fits me perfectly and that I'm always striving for the latter meaning.

The cover photo: it's a picture of the Meguro river during hanami. You should definitely check it out if you are in Japan around end of March.

The theme: since I'm extremely bad ad design and stuff I decided to go with the amazing mediator theme.


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